diy: personalize your hat

personalize your fedora

I’m completely in love with this fedora craze that’s been going on lately. I’ve always loved wearing hats and now its even more trendy to fashion your noggin with cute toppers. The problem with trends, however, is that there is a good chance of seeing yourself walk down the street since there’s only so many hats to choose from. I’ve decided to lower my chances of seeing double by giving my plain, Old-Navy-purchased fedora some custom modifications.

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“Berry Cute” baby hats

I love baby hats.

I came across some cute ones a little while ago and proceeded to make a pinterest board titled “I’m in love with baby hats.” If you don’t want to go there, here are some highlights:

knit baby hat


knit owl baby hat


I actually want this one in adult size. I love it!

sunflower knit baby hat


I decided to take a stab at making one. I decided on this berry baby hat. (pattern here) and well, it turns out that baby’s heads are tiny and knitting hats for them don’t take very much time at all! (or yarn!) so I made three and now I have myself a little berry patch of baby hats!

knit baby berry hats

I ended up using size 7 circular needles the whole time (I didn’t switch to size 8 like the pattern says)

knit baby berry hat

I made all these hats, but no babies around to try them on! I had to do something about it, so I made another special one for Lucy:

knit dog hat



Bad Hair Day (…a green theme?)

It’s Wednesday! Only one more week of work for me before an 11-day break from work!  Eleven Days! Can you even imagine the things that can be made during those days?!

Ohhh man, too pumped.

In the meantime here’s a hat I made during my second year of grad school. Architecture school means lots of nights with little or no sleep, and that means if I could get by without doing my hair for an extra half-hour of sleep, that’s what happened. So here’s a nice little hat that can cover up a bad hair and actually make it look like you tried to look like that! ha!

ahhh, I couldn’t get away with cropping out my head with this one…

I actually completely forgot about this hat until I posted about the green circle scarf because this was where one of the scraps came from. It was Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Olive (? maybe? or mustard? I can’t really tell from my screen, and I don’t really remember)

Note: It must seem like that I’m an avid Lion Brand Yarn user and obsessed with all things green (gum, yarn, soda, etc). Neither are true. All coincidental.  Non-green, non-Lion Brand things are forth coming.

Note 2: I was just looking for the pattern I used for this and the blog isn’t up anymore! I’ll be on the lookout for another similar pattern, but if you find one that you like, let me know!