unleash the quiche

asparagus ham goat cheese quiche recipe

Brandon and I stayed in Columbus this Easter weekend, so we didn’t indulge in any large family feasts. Growing up, the usual menu for my family’s Easter meal was ham, asparagus, cheesy potatoes, and some sort of dessert usually in pie or cake form. I took the easy route for our feast for two and took a little from each menu item and transformed it into a delicious quiche. (the cheese from cheesy potatoes and pie crust from the dessert, in case it wasn’t obvious)

It was tasty. Go ahead and make it.

Two things I’ve discovered since I’ve started this blog: photographing food is hard! and I don’t have an amazing natural talent for it. I think the process photos are decent (did you see that cool ombre effect with my scallions?!) but once it comes to the final product, which is what really counts, I totally miss the mark. Here’s the best one of the bunch:

ham goat cheese quiche

It seems like all the successful food photos have perpetually sunny kitchens constantly being flooded with natural light in an ever-sunny, but not over-exposed, world. Whereas my kitchen is dark by dinner time and lit with wimpy halogen track lights. I’ll make do for now, and in the mean time I’ll keep working on those pesky photography skills.


diy: sock bunnies

diy sock bunnies

Last week while I was in Toledo installing Mason’s letters and taking fanatical pictures of his cheese dip at lunch, my mom had made these adorable little sock bunnies. I thought they were too cute not to share on here! She saw the idea on pinterest and made her way to lil blue boo’s blog that has a fabulously detailed step-by-step.

If you want the detailed diy, go there. If you want the quick and dirty how-to, I’ll provide you with a simple analysis of the sock bunny anatomy:

sock bunny

If you want to see what else my mom has found on pinterest, follow her!

sock bunny