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For those of you not from Central Ohio, and for those of you in Central Ohio that have been oblivious to nearly every storefront, poster, and local magazine/newspaper in the city, 2012 is Columbus’ 200th year. Yahoo! Tons of celebrations and events are happening all year to commemorate the occasion from giant birthday parties to bike tours to public art exhibits.

Coming up September 29-October 7 is a week dedicated to showcasing the awesome design scene Columbus has to offer. I have been working with a core group of about 10 designers as well as a number of fabulous collaborators to help make this event come to life. Links to official articles and websites describing the events and sponsors/affiliates will be at the end of the post, but first I want to highlight a couple of the great events we’ve been working on.

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Fox in Sox on Knox on Box

Oh Dr Suess, Who knew some twenty years later I would use you to title a blog post?

Music Monday this week is fox themed. Let’s cut to the chase and start with the music and move on to more fox fun.

Cue Fleet Foxes, an Indie folk band from Seattle. A friend told me about them this past week and turns out I’ve heard some of their songs before.  Have a listen for yourself and see what you think.

Now onto the foxy goodness! My final studio in grad school was “fur themed” where we investigated different types of fur and figured out different ways of representing and drawing fur in a technical sense. A requirement for the studio (which we didn’t know going into it) was to acquire an animal hide so we could study the fur qualities and manipulate it hands on.

I chose a fox. For some reason I was interested in the fur’s “poofiness” and the fox was one of the poofiest hides I could find.  We had a whole slew of animals in the studio ranging from a muskrat to a springbok to an elk, it was quite a sight.

I’m not going to get into all the tiny details of this project, because that’s not really what this blog is about, but I will show some of the drawings and the final “model” that was produced.

drawing a fox



Architecture school can be so weird, right?! This was by far the most outlandish thing I did in school. I not only left that studio with an interesting conversation piece to have on my end table, but also a slight bias toward the fox.

We can move out of the fox-in-architecture-school-realm and move into the fox-in-craftiness-realm. Since that studio, I have been very aware of all of the fox paraphernalia that exists out there and have seen tons of fun foxy things. Here’s some highlights I found on Etsy. (the images link to the sources, so if you find something you simply cannot live without, go check it out!)

adorable mini felted fox adorable felted fox

peta-friendly fox collar knit pattern

origami fox stationary

fox stationary

fantastic little fox coat

fox coat

vintage fox necklace

vintage fox necklace

awesome fox t-shirt

fox t shirt

Who knew music monday would lead to all this foxiness! Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!