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design sponge room

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Design*Sponge always has “sneak peek’s” into tons of awesome homes and I usually quickly glance over them, but I saw this place today and completely swooned. What really got me was the eclectic mix of pillows on the couch. I love pillows. As I’ve started filling up our house with various pillows I’ve made (here, here, and here) I’ve been wondering where to put all of them because I’ve been stuck on the concept that a well-styled sofa or bed should have one or two “accent” pillows amongst more neutral coordinating pillows. But that couch is chock-full of accent pillows, and it looks great!

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Applique baby bibs

applique baby bibs

At least once a year my college roommates have a “Roomie Reunion” where we all get together, eat good food, and catch up with everybody and their families. It seems each time we get together there is a new addition to the group. This time there were two new members to the “roomie” group. Both boys, born 3 days apart. They’re almost 6 months old now, but I hadn’t met them yet, and this was my welcome-to-the-roomie-group present for them.

You may remember seeing a snippet of this from my preview post a few weeks ago. This was part of the craft extravaganza weekend. Where I also made the yarn rope for the felted loops pillow, and the baby gift to go with the knit berry hat.

The appliques were done on the head honchos of embroidery machines. If you remember I got my new toy because my mom got a new embroidery machine which bumped her old embroidery machine into her regular sewing machine, which made her regular sewing machine mine! (that’s a pretty good deal…what else could we apply this too?)

I remember I won my iPad around the same time my mom got her new machine. (I won it in a raffle…what a great thing to win, right? The only other thing I ever won in raffles were oversized sponsor sweatshirts, this was definitely a step up) I was visiting shortly after and brought my new gadget with me to show off and when I went down into the craft dream world basement to see my mom’s new toy lo and behold she had a sewing machine with a freaking iPad attached to it.

embroidery machine

Look at that touch screen on that monster! Ok, so it’s not really an iPad, but its as big as one! This thing does everything…it even cuts the threads for you as it moves around. It was definitely fun to play with over the weekend.

We made the appliques out of the same fabric, just different parts of it, so the letters looked different and put them on standard pre-made bibs. Here’s some photo documentation:

embroidery baby bibs

applique scissors

If you’re going to get into applique things, these scissors are where it’s at. They make it so easy to cut close to the stitching.

applique baby bib

sew around b

applique baby bib

I like the fun stitch detail around the E.

applique baby bib

and Voila! two fun bibs for two adorable babies!