diy :: wrap bracelets

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

Whenever I go over to my gram’s house, more times than not she has a new pile of fun costume jewelry for me that she had found while going through some drawer or box in her house. It’s always fun to see what she used to wear before she was my gram. It usually provokes a story, too, which I cherish more and more as I get older.

diy bangles before :: stuff steph does

She gave me these plastic bangles a while ago. They didn’t come with a story, and I don’t think they’re really that vintage, so I decided to add a little more color to them. Plus I’ve been seeing wrapped plastic bracelets all over the place and I decided to jump on the trend bandwagon.

The process is really simple. All you need are bracelet(s), embroidery floss, and a hot glue gun.

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

This project was even easier than I thought it was going to be. I was nervous about getting the transition from color to color neat, but it was cake. I ended up making four of these pups.

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

Check out all that arm candy! The middle one is a bit of an anomaly because it already had a black and white pattern on it. I just added a pop of pink for a little extra umph.

The orange and yellow bracelet was made by holding two colors at once simultaneously wrapping them around. Again, not as hard or tedious as you’d think.

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

diy wrap bracelet :: stuff steph does

You can see here, that the glue may not look the greatest on the inside, but you can’t tell at all when it’s on. Best to be sure the floss will stay put rather than worry about a little extra glue.

Happy bracelet making!


diy: personalize your hat

personalize your fedora

I’m completely in love with this fedora craze that’s been going on lately. I’ve always loved wearing hats and now its even more trendy to fashion your noggin with cute toppers. The problem with trends, however, is that there is a good chance of seeing yourself walk down the street since there’s only so many hats to choose from. I’ve decided to lower my chances of seeing double by giving my plain, Old-Navy-purchased fedora some custom modifications.

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father’s day card :: FREE printable!

It’s that time of year to celebrate dad.  Just like I am so fortunate to have a great mom that warranted a cool mother’s day card, I basically hit the jackpot when it comes to dads, too.  And if there is one thing that my dad loves almost as much as his fabulous daughter, it would be boats. So this is not only a cool Father’s Day card, but it also folds into a great little sailboat! After Father’s Day, the card can live a second life as a boat sitting on your dad’s desk or work bench reminding him just how great he is.

The sentiment inside is quite fitting although maybe slightly cheesy, but don’t worry there’s room for you to write your own personal note as well:

Just download the free printable and follow these easy instructions to make and send the card:

After you give the card, amaze your dad when you show him how it transforms into boat!

Too fun, right?! Click the link below to download the printable and make this fun card for your dad!

2012 Father’s Day Card FREE PRINTABLE

And again, if you share these or post the card on your blog please link back to this post and give credit where credit’s due. Thanks!

featured on My Apricot Hill

Happy Monday everyone! This post is coming a little later today because Brandon and I were out of town celebrating his cousin’s high school graduation and we were so exhausted when we got back yesterday that we spent most of the day lounging around watching Netflix. It was definitely a much needed break, and we both felt more rested today thanks to our lazy Sunday.

Some exciting blog news: my hanging garden tins were featured in an article on My Apricot Hill, a new “practically inspired” lifestyle magazine. Check out the article and lots of other stuff they’re talking about on their website at

operation front door // the painted door (finally!!)

operation front door

The time has come. I couldn’t put it off anymore. I sucked it up and painted the door. Quite a few people eagerly asked me what color I painted it, and I reluctantly had to say, “that same green color.”

Sorry, folks, this isn’t my house, nor was it my paint. But how fun would a bright purple door have been? Oh well, maybe someday when I’m a homeowner…but until then, I painted the door “that same green color.”

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create your style – GIVEAWAY!!

Since I started this blog it seems to have run the entire gamut of all things craft except for beading. Until now. Swarovski Elements just released a new magazine called Create Your Style which is chock-full of ideas for jazzing up everything from chandeliers to make-up bags to phone chargers with Swarovski Elements beads.

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round up: colorful planters

Ok, ok, so my obsession with brightly colored planters isn’t quite done yet, but I think this might just be the final post to really get it out of my system. When we stopped by my Grandma’s house to pick her up for the Mother’s Day luncheon she couldn’t wait to take me out to her back patio and show off her latest project. As soon as I saw this array of brightly colored spray painted pots–a day after making this stacked planter and a week after making my hanging garden tins–I thought there’s no denying that I come by all this honestly. Even my 85-year-old Gram needs to add some bright whimsy to her garden!

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diy: hanging flower tins

coffee can flower pots

I started this project nearly a month ago back when I was working on the anthro-inspired flower pillow. I was waiting until the fear of frost was gone for Central Ohio to finally plant my herbs and was told May 15 is the magic number for frost free nights. I cheated on May 5 after looking at the 10-day weather forecast and there was no frost in sight, so I’m taking the gamble a few days early.

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