columbus is cool :: Columbus Design Week


For those of you not from Central Ohio, and for those of you in Central Ohio that have been oblivious to nearly every storefront, poster, and local magazine/newspaper in the city, 2012 is Columbus’ 200th year. Yahoo! Tons of celebrations and events are happening all year to commemorate the occasion from giant birthday parties to bike tours to public art exhibits.

Coming up September 29-October 7 is a week dedicated to showcasing the awesome design scene Columbus has to offer. I have been working with a core group of about 10 designers as well as a number of fabulous collaborators to help make this event come to life. Links to official articles and websites describing the events and sponsors/affiliates will be at the end of the post, but first I want to highlight a couple of the great events we’ve been working on.

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columbus is cool :: Dinin’ Hall

Columbus has a lot going for it, lots of cool shops and things to do that are unique to the city. Each month I’m going to do/experience something new (to me) that is unique to Columbus and share it with the world here!

Food trucks are all the rage in Columbus nowadays. A couple weeks ago a new “food truck hub” opened up called Dinin’ Hall. My friend, T, from work and I headed over there on our lunch break last week to check it out.

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instagramming // april 23-27

columbus pictures

It’s cold and dreary here in Columbus today. There’s been a pattern lately of gorgeous sunny days during the week and then rain and colder temperatures on the weekend. Something’s not right about that! How am I supposed to work on Operation Front Door when its wet and cold outside? Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it, I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate with me. (but secretly, I’m not that bummed when I’m not able to paint the door…)

This week’s lunch pics had to do with peeling – peeling paint, mailbox labels, cladding, and oranges.

I’m on a real orange kick lately, so good!

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Have a great weekend!

instagramming // april 16-april 20


In an effort to up the ante on my photographer’s eye, I’ve been taking advantage of my lunch break as a time to get out of the office, enjoy the fresh air, and find some detail of the city and view it in a unique way. To give myself some sort of direction, this week I chose the theme of circles — excluding manholes, printed logos/seals, and starbucks signs. Next week will be a new theme… I have no idea what it is yet. Want to see what I do before next Saturday? You can follow me on instagram @ stuffstephdoes

Happy Weekend!

monday music among other things

happy monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent quite a bit of time updating the blog this weekend, so if you’re reading this on a reader or in your email, go check out the site and see the changes! I also gave the diy page a total revamp and added a recipes page! So now it will be easier to find tasty things to eat and fun things to make!

Also, I’ve officially hopped on board the instagram train and am starting to get slightly obsessed with it. Since the weather has been so nice I started taking walks over lunch at work and I’m trying to take a photo or two during my lunchtime stroll of something I hadn’t noticed before in the city or just seeing an every day thing in a new way.

I just joined instagram on Thursday, so I only have two pictures for you.

I don’t plan on posting all of my instagram pics on here, so if you want to see more of my lunchtime stroll or other pictures I take, follow me @ stuffstephdoes

As for the music this week, I’m in a harp-y mood, so more Florence and the Machines. I like the harp part in this song. enjoy your day!


Columbus is Cool | Igloo Letterpress

Columbus has a lot going for it, lots of cool shops and things to do that are unique to the city. Each month I’m going to do/experience something new (to me) that is unique to Columbus and share it with the world here!

handmade valentines

Not only was yesterday Valentine’s Day, but it was also Columbus’s 200th birthday! Woot Woot Cbus! There’s a ton of creative energy happening right now and local businesses are thriving in the limelight.

On Saturday, Brandon and I celebrated Columbus and Valentine’s Day by heading over to Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, OH, which is just north of Columbus, for a Valentine printing party. We got to design our own valentine and then print it on a real letterpress.

The whole process is really fascinating. Our card was pretty simple using just one color and simple text, but imagine doing something with 3 or 4 colors and getting everything to line up perfectly! Well, they know how to do it over at Igloo. Allison, the owner, showed us quite a sampling of the great work they have done and everything was created with such a high caliber of craftsmanship; Brandon and I were very impressed and will definitely be back.

Check out Igloo’s blog for more pictures of the event on Saturday. You’ll also see a pic of yours truly and our fine handiwork!

Here are some of my pictures from the day:

letterpress set up

setting up the letterpress

(the term “leading” comes from literally putting lead shims inbetween the rows of the letters)

working the letterpress

freshly pressed

a freshly pressed valentine!!

handmade valentine

Given my new found fascination with this art, I came across this cool video that gives a “beginners” guide to how a letterpress works, check it out!

Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo.

Columbus is Cool | Brothers Drake Mead

Columbus has a lot going for it, lots of cool shops and things to do that are unique to the city. Each month I’m going to do/experience something new (to me) that is unique to Columbus each month and share it with the world here!

from (photo links to source)

Mead, in its most basic form is wine made from honey and water. Add fruits, spices, and flowers and you get a very tasty, unique drink. Make it from all locally-grown and produced ingredients from Columbus, OH and you have mead from Brothers Drake, Columbus’ first and only meadery. They use only organic, local ingredients to craft their mead; even the bees making the honey are from Columbus (well, Central-Ohio at least)!

I had the pleasure of working with Evelyn and Woody (two of the owners) this past summer helping them with a community garden they started up earlier in the year. I saw first-hand how important building and strengthening the community is to them through this project and there’s no doubt they put that same effort into their mead.

They have awesome flavors, too, like Bergamot Blue adding blueberries and Bergamot flowers into the mix. VO, “Vanilla-Orange”, Apple Pie, and Honey Oak are just a few of the other meads you can try.

Since staying local is important, this awesome stuff is only available here in Columbus, so if you aren’t from around here, you’re going to have to come here to try it!

OK, so I technically didn’t just experience this for the first time, but, I had some of my favorite mead, Bergamot Blue, with a homemade pizza here and thought it was fitting to have it be a kick off to these posts.