I do stuff. I never really know what I’m going to do, but for as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in trying out different things (i.e. architecture, graphic design, knitting, playing the harp, unicycling, the list goes on) however for the past 7 years I have been an architecture student, which means for the past 7 years my life has revolved around architecture and figuring how to get at least a few hours of sleep in between. Since I graduated in June, I’ve discovered this amazing new concept known as free time, which means after I get home from work, I get to do whatever I want to do. That’s what I’ll talk about here. enjoy!


5 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Steph,

    Just wanted you to know that I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. I follow your blog and appreciate the artistic way you portray the events of our daily lives. You inspire me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hola!! queria decirte que te he mencionado en mi blog por el movimiento Best Blogs que no sé si conoces, te animo a que te pases por él y sigas compartiendo la cadenita. Te otorgamos este premio por ser de buen rollito!

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