Project Living Room :: the chair dilemma

living room update

Project Living Room seems to be stuck in “thinking about it” mode. I’m still totally planning on doing the refresh but I’m still just figuring out what to do.

One issue is the dilemma of the chairs. As you can see, the living room has 2 large cushy chairs and one couch. B and I only sit on the couch. We rarely use the chairs. Only when people come over and it would be awkward to all pile on the couch together does someone then sit on a chair. All other times, we don’t sit on them.

But Lucy does.

She sits on both of them. They are her chairs.

lucy's chairs

To reduce confusion, the chairs will from here on out be appropriately named “Red Chair” and “Funky Chair.”

Red Chair was a thrift store purchase for B’s apartment while he was in grad school. We put a slipcover on it because the hunter green tartan plaid underneath just wasn’t doing anything for him.

My Gram gave me funky chair when we moved in high school. It was a reading chair in my awesome purple bedroom. Oh man, I loved the funk in high school.

Lucy spends her days guarding the house on Red Chair while B and I are at work.

lucy on guard

During her breaks from being a watch dog she moves down to take a nap on Red Chair’s Seat. She also has her own pink fur blanket for extreme comfort. Poor dog has such a rough life. (sorry for the poor cell phone pic here, but you get the gist)

lucy snoozing

Funky Chair is Lucy’s evening seat where she sinks down on the top cushion and sits under the (soon-to-be-revamped) lamp.

lucy under lamp

So there you have it. The dilemma of the chairs. I’m on the hunt for one (or two) chairs to replace these, but no matter what, the dog will be displaced.

Poor Lucy. I guess she’ll just have to sit in one of the 17 other spots she has around the house.


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