summer in the city

image via Columbus Underground

Boy oh boy what a weekend it’s been. A terrible storm came through Columbus and left hundreds of thousands of Ohioans without power in triple-digit heat. Us included. And it’s estimated that power won’t come back until this coming Friday. In fact, our Governor declared a state of emergency for Ohio (as well West Virginia and Virginia’s Governors) and asked for electricians from other states come in to help fix the damage. We passed a fleet of electricians coming in from Michigan to help.

Saturday was spent finding places with power and a/c to stay comfortable in the unbearably warm temperatures. You don’t realize how much we take power for granted until you don’t have it at your disposal anymore.  We were fortunate to have wonderful friends offer us their air-conditioned guest house until power is restored in our neighborhood. We now have a comfortable place to stay complete with internet access, so the blog will continue during our little powerless adventure! (in case you were worried, because I’m sure you were). But really, there are a lot of people who don’t have an air conditioned place to hide away to, so be sure to keep them in your thoughts and be thankful for the basic utilities you have access to. I know it has put a little perspective on things for me.

How was your weekend? Did the storm pass by your area?

I’ve sort of ignored the music portion of my monday posts the past few weeks. Sorry about that. Here’s an oldie that I thought was fitting for the situation.

happy monday!


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