happy monday

cairn terrior

Happy Monday! Another late Monday post due to a super busy weekend ending with B and me collapsing on the couch watching Lost for the rest of the night. We spent the weekend in Toledo for Father’s day and to fetch our pup who enjoyed a 3-week stint with my parents since we were out of town the weekend before.

I made a tasty German Potato Salad that I’ll post more about later this week. We also made enormous desserts and spent time with Mason. Can’t go wrong with ice cream and cute nephews!weekend events

How was your Father’s Day weekend? Did you give the free printable to your dad? My dad loved his boat.


6 thoughts on “happy monday

  1. Ummmm….. not only did I love our day (and your boat card) but pretty sure I have the CUTEST KID EVER!! Love he’s holding his cars and his head looks HUGE!!..oh yeah, it’s always been….will NEVER forget that….

    • haha! Definitely cutest kid! I tried to get pictures of him smiling, but whenever he smiled for the camera he also yelled cheese and started jumping up and down. hahah, so all my “smiling” pictures are blurs 🙂

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