lime what? barbecue lime pork chops

Ok, so this recipe wasn’t on my round up, but I found it in a Kraft Food + Family from 2007 or something ridiculous like that, (oh em gee, Steph, you still have magazines from 2007!??!) ( I know, right?)  so the link and image wasn’t readily available. Lucky for you, I’m blogging about it!

I used about 1 Cup bbq sauce with 1 lime’s worth of juice

Marinade the pork chops in half the lime barbecue sauce mixture. Cover in put in fridge for at least an hour. Reserve the rest of the sauce for grilling.

Place the limes slices in pairs on the grill. Top with pork chops.

add some of the reserved lime barbecue sauce.

Grill Pork chops until internal temperature reaches 140 degrees. Let rest for 5 minutes until temperature reaches 145 degrees. (sources say 2-3 minutes/side, I was more around 4-5 minute/side range) Discard the limes used on the pork chops. Serve with the other grilled limes.

mm mmmmm tasty!


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