lime what?

I’ve somehow managed to have a bowl full of limes, and I don’t mean 2 or 3 extra limes, I mean I have about 9 limes sitting in a bowl.

So what the heck do I do with these limes? Make something of course! But I need recipes that call for regular limes, not key limes. Here’s a round up of some that I found. Hopefully you’ll be seeing what I decided to make with all my limes sooner or later. (probably sooner, last time I checked, I didn’t pay the premium price for the immortal limes)

sweet lime recipes:

1. Lime Pie (sans the key)  // 2. Watermelon Peach Limeade // 3. Lime Sandwich Cookies // 4. Tequila-lime Sorbet // 5. Lime Sherbet

savory lime recipes:

6. Mojito Grilled Lime Chicken Wings // 7. Grilled Honey Lime Chicken // 8. Chili Lime French Fries with Cotija Cheese // 9. Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad

Do you have any favorite lime recipes? I don’t yet…maybe I will after I use up all these limes!

I posted even more lime recipes on my cooking with limes pinterest board


14 thoughts on “lime what?

  1. Caipirinhas. Make caipirinhas. Best use of a lime I’ve ever found! We learned to make them from an indulgent bartender in Greenwich Village one slow Sunday afternoon. Yummy!

  2. Cachaca *is* hard to come by, but it is worth it, Steph. If you’re going to switch out rum, you have to go silver, of course, no spiced, and get a really good, high quality brand. Cachaca is much less harsh (imo) than rum, though both are derived from sugar cane, I believe. You know who would know the answer to this? The Marcelas. 🙂

    Also, I want chickpeas, and french fries, and sorbet, and sandwich cookies. I wonder if you could make up your own marinade or something using the limes, such that it could be applied to any protein source. I love all the stuff you post, but as a veghead, the chicken is out. But i could do a tofu marinade! 😀

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