round up: colorful planters

Ok, ok, so my obsession with brightly colored planters isn’t quite done yet, but I think this might just be the final post to really get it out of my system. When we stopped by my Grandma’s house to pick her up for the Mother’s Day luncheon she couldn’t wait to take me out to her back patio and show off her latest project. As soon as I saw this array of brightly colored spray painted pots–a day after making this stacked planter and a week after making my hanging garden tins–I thought there’s no denying that I come by all this honestly. Even my 85-year-old Gram needs to add some bright whimsy to her garden!

When its put that way, I’m probably never going to get this out of my system. But maybe I’ll be done posting about it for the season….regardless, I just love how a can of spray paint and few simple materials can add so much character to a garden. Here’s a round up of some more awesome ideas you can do to spruce up your garden greens.

1. Another fun idea for adding color to your fence. via  // 2. Camille Styles has a diy to solve your gardening hang ups! // 3. Add some texture with those colorful pots for a fun mix. via // 4. Or just add the texture and nix the color like this design*sponge tutorial for textured planters // 5. The TUBI project reused colored pvc pipe for their planters. // 6. How awesome are these recycled wood chevron planters? Love them! See how to make them on the 91204 blog. // 7. Add some spray paint to old tires and you’ll have some fun stackable planters. via Harvest Home Farm

Have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans? Some gardening, perhaps?


6 thoughts on “round up: colorful planters

  1. OMG, my husband even loved the tires. We have been wracking our brains about where to plant the strawberries so they are up. We also have a pile of old tires…I think this will be great!!

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