operation front door // found the tulips!

operation front door

I took advantage of the sunny weather this weekend and worked my poor fingers to the bone weeding the brick walkway and side garden. Here’s a reminder of the before:


Ugh, look at all that ugliness.  Check it out now!!

operation front door after

operation front door afteroperation front door 3

I told you there were tulips hiding in there. Unfortunately it looks like there might be only one survivor. Overall its looking pretty good. I might do a little sweet talking to get my personal lawn mower Brandon to do some edging next week.

Going back to the official Operation Front Door Checklist:

  • Weed the brick walkway and sidewalk
  • Weed the side garden – aka “find the tulips”
  • Plant some more flowers, “pretty it up”
  • Weed and fix up the front garden, and finally
  • Paint the door
Definitely made some headway!
Ugh, I’m still dreading painting that door….


5 thoughts on “operation front door // found the tulips!

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