works in progress

I’m in the midst of a few projects at the moment. I have two very different ones happening right now that I’m not ready for the full-out post, so I’ll just post the two inspiration pics for you and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what I’ve been up to.

anthropologie pillow

via: anthropologie

blue tin can garden

via: flickr

Can you believe I have something from Anthro as one of my inspiration pics? so out of the blue, right? heh heh. You can find both these pics on my pinterest boards and the garden pic is making its second appearance on stuff steph does (see the first one, and lots of other garden ideas, here.)

Hopefully I’ll get to posting the real deals soon. Don’t hold your breath for this week though. I was working on both projects this weekend and had to take a break to go out and buy a metal drill bit and a seam ripper…a step forward for one project and few steps back for the other. ho hum, and so it goes.

What sorts of projects are you all working on now?


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