How To: Make Plarn

how to make plarn

Have a bunch of plastic bags stashed away in one big plastic bag waiting for the day you actually remember to take them with you to the grocery to recycle? (I always forget).

Stop trying to remember and make something out of them! Here’s a tutorial for making Plarn, err, plastic yarn, that is.

plarn tutorial

To cut the strips:

plarn tutorial

I haven’t made anything with mine yet, but I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Happy Saturday!


19 thoughts on “How To: Make Plarn

  1. My daughters church ladies crocheted them and made them into sleeping mats for the poor. I also think you could make also use it for laying out. (Tanning, and of course with a beach towel on it.)

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  3. I am trying to figure out how to get this task done on my spinning wheel…I got a jumbo attachment for it but so far I can’t get it to go super smoothly- or quickly… STILL WORKING ON IT 😉

  4. I have made rugs, purses & a backpack with my plarn. I just found simple crochet pattern(s), grabbed a larger hook than called for (at least a J or K), and followed the pattern.

  5. I have made crochet shopping bags with “plarn” – like the ones you pay $1 to 1.99 for in the stores… They hold up very well and are colorful… Just four sides and a flat bottom with handles crocheted double for strength. Also the rugs are good if you not only double the “plarn” but crochet in single crochet for strength… I use one to hold boots in the hallway…

  6. You don’t want to try making a rug to walk on, they are uncomfortable. I’ve made hats, purses, and tote bags. I’m trying to figure out how comfotable those sleeping mats would be, because the knots are uncomfortable against your skin. Maybe they are okay if you have a heavy coat or blanket between you and the plarn mat.

  7. I crochet a whole variety of bags and use them for gift bags. that way I don’t have to buy those pricey store bought bags. The recipient is just as happy recieving the bag. I just make sure I tell them they have to reuse them and can’t throw them away.

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