Music Monday: Listen up!

I don’t know that this is going to be a weekly thing, but I am always a fan of alliteration and wanted to share this with you. Cue in: The Barr Brothers

My brother-in-law brought these guys to my attention.  A couple of the guys used to be part of one of his favorite bands (The Slip) and now they have a new band with a harp which makes them way cooler. I am a bit partial to harps and I especially love seeing them in settings where you wouldn’t necessarily think there would be one. The music just good to listen to, but also interesting to watch the video because they are using some unique techniques to play their instruments, especially in the beginning (the harpist is playing with a bow).

It officially feels like winter in Columbus today; there is even a bit of snow on the ground! I’ll be a fan of this weather for approximately 6 more days and then I’ll be ready for spring. If only the weather gods would listen…

p.s. I made a new diy page that’s going to link to all my posts with patterns/directions.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


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