Shimmery Cowl (pattern)

Ahh is the week over yet?! There’s a deadline at work next week which means I leave for and come home from work in the dark…so I apologize for the low-lit, drywall-background pictures, but the blog must go on despite long work hours! I can’t keep waiting until the weekend for sunny, fence pictures.  Although I do like sunny, fence pictures the best…

Here’s a Shimmery Cowl to brighten your Thursday. And guess what?! It’s not green!

I used Moda Dea Caché yarn. Color: Wink.

Photo from

I had about 2.5 skeins of this yarn and was just going to go until I used it up.

Here’s the pattern….(super simple again)

I used US size 11 Circular Needles

CO 100 (ish) and join stitches.

K 4 rounds

P 2 rounds

Repeat until its the desired thickness.

10 thoughts on “Shimmery Cowl (pattern)

  1. Stupid question but how do u join the yarn together to make this cowl? I only know how to make blankets with your basic knitting, purling and yarning over

    • I used circular needles and slip stitched the stitches together after the first row. It can be tricky though because you need to be careful not to twist the stitches. There are a lot of videos online that will give a clear explanation on knitting in the round. Good luck!

      • Couldn’t you just knit around to join it – knit directly from the last stitch to the first in the round?

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