Chunky Cowl (pattern)

Like I said before I’ve been knitting like crazy and for the most part I’ve been on a “cowl kick.” I really like circle scarves and these are the same idea only a little smaller and faster to make! What’s not to like?

This one was made out of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn in Lemongrass color and takes a littler over a half a skein.

I used size 13 circular needles, so no seams again!

I modified the moss stitch (which is p1, k1 around then k1, p1) and just doubled it, perhaps we shall call it a double moss stitch? heck, for all I know, that could be what its called.

anywho, here’s what I did:

CO 48

all odd rounds:     k2, p2 around
all even rounds:   p2, k2 around
(so you end up with a checkerboard type pattern)

mine is about 9″ long. Of course you could make it shorter or longer to your preference.

Have a good tuesday!

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