Going Green (super simple scarf)

While my yarn collection could very well take over rooms and rooms of space (much to Brandon’s dismay) I keep it condensed into a small(ish) plastic bin. The only problem with this strategy is that yarn can be easily forgotten and lost in the depths of the bin since the most recently used and newer stuff ends up on top.

A couple weeks ago I delved into the depths of the bin and found these three different yarns leftover from three completely different projects. I liked how they went together, so voila! a circle scarf.

It was super simple, and an easy way to make something fun out of scrap yarn. Perhaps I’ll dig around in that bin more often and see what other fun combos I come up with!

Simple Pattern:

I used US 13 needles

CO 18 stitches
g st (knit every row) until you run out of yarn!
sew it up into a loop when you’re done.

my “loop” ended up being 54″ in diameter, which seems to be the perfect length for wrapping it around twice.

What fun things have you made out of scraps of yarn?

7 thoughts on “Going Green (super simple scarf)

  1. Hello Steph! That´s a cool scarf you made out of scrap yarn! I like the color combination.
    I am about to make several heavy knit scarves for my family because I have way too much scrap yarn and would like to free up my space (so I can get more scrap yarn from thrift stores…. Can´t help it…)

  2. What a beautiful creation. Love the colors–so autumn and that’s my favorite. One question, how long did you make the piece? It’s seems to be the right size.

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  4. Just found this and think it’s great. I am a relative beginner and would like to know if the weight of the scraps should be the same. I am guessing yes…….thanks.

    • Hi Nadi, Glad you like the scarf! Actually the yarns I used for that scarf were all different weights. Using different yarn weights made it a little more whimsical as the width of the scarf changed between yarns. It’s up to you how you want to make it! Good luck!

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