The Skirt Series: part I

This whole idea of having free time because I’m not in school has been somewhat of a farce lately. Work has been super busy, so I haven’t had time to really make anything….even dinner now! Fortunately things have been made pre-blog…so that’s what I’ll show for the time being.

Every year, my mom, sister and I have a “sewing marathon” weekend where we devote the entire weekend to sewing fun clothes. This comes with a certain amount of prep so that we have all the materials and patterns set and ready to go when the weekend commences. These next few posts will be what we made this past sewing marathon weekend in September.

Brown skirt

Skirt series #1

We tend to make skirts a lot because they are super fast and you can make the same pattern look so different with different fabrics or top stitching details. I like the straightness of this skirt and the seam down the front gives it some dimension.

brown skirt

skirt series #1

A pretty simple skirt, a pretty simple post…stay tuned for the continuation of the skirt series!


2 thoughts on “The Skirt Series: part I

  1. First – just wanted to say … LOVE your blog … love that it isnt all about one thing … but it is all about one thing … stuff you did … ha … can’t wait to see more posts … and I love this skirt! I am contemplating making a skirt for Christmas … and now I must run, both boys are in need of their mother … ahhh! 🙂

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